Christmas Village

A Visit to Christmas Village and the Sights, Sounds, Tastes and Smells of an Old-Fashioned Christmas . . . Overly's Style.

Overly's-2057 Resized.jpgEach season, over 600 volunteers tirelessly give of their time to bring Overly's Country Christmas® to life.  Through volunteers' efforts, Overly's continues its charitable work, providing memorable moments to children in some of the area's most neglected neighborhoods, bestowing unforgettable experiences to those with life-threatening and terminal illnesses, establishing an outlet for trouble youths to give back to the community on a year- round basis, and helping Share the Magic for those in need by providing a permanent donation site for nonperishable food, toys or pet food.

Familiar sights, sounds, experiences and magic await all those who enter in great anticipation of reliving holiday memories and experiencing new ones.  Read below for more details.

Strolling the Lights & Sights

1333.jpgStrolling through Christmas Village, you will delight in the charm, nostalgically designed to be reminiscent of the miniature villages found under the country-style Christmas trees of yesteryear.
As you walk the sights of Christmas Village, you will hear your favorite Christmas carols from past and present.  And, on special nights, weather permitting, local entertainers, including school and church groups, perform medleys of their favorite holiday classics to the backdrop of our crackling bonfire.  What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by starting an impromptu caroling session of your own while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and warming your hands!

Some of the highlights you will enjoy include:

Hartman Station


The clang of the crossing bells and the shriek of the steam whistle herald your arrival at Hartman Station, a g-gauge model train display and museum. Stop by and see the rolling stock of Dr. King Hartman and the four-season layout designed by volunteers Jan Vogt and her late husband, John.  A delight for children and adults alike.


Santa's Workshop

Santa and Child.jpgNo visit to Overly's would be complete without an opportunity for the children to visit with everyone's favorite jolly elf and share their Christmas wishes. Santa is available each night, from opening night until December 23rd, at which time he heads back to the North Pole to prepare for his big day. And don't forget . . . Santa is making his list and checking it twice! 

The Manger

Ditto.jpgAt Overly's, it's important to us to keep Christ in Christmas.  Our traditional Christmas nativity wouldn't be complete without live animals. Ditto, our spoiled donkey, along with his sheep and goat friends, delight everyone, young and old. 

Just for Kids

Kids Express resized.jpgAll Aboard the Kids' Express!  Destination:  fun! A Christmas train ride with bells and whistles set to the tune of children's laughter.

Mr. Waterheater's Fun-derland

Sandbox resized 2.jpgKids Only!  A winter playground just for kids where they can scramble through the Snowman Tunnels, play with the 'big trucks' at Santa's Construction Zone, imagine being at the North Pole on Santa's Playset or an engineer on a wooden train engine traveling back to the North Pole.

Henny Hemlock, the Talking Christmas Tree

Henny resized.jpgUnknown to most people, Santa Claus has a small, but very close family. His Aunt Edna (on his mother's side) loved Christmas as much as Santa himself. Aunt Edna would be the first at the North Pole to decorate her Christmas tree for the holiday. Whenever anyone would visit her, they would bring an ornament or a light for her tree. Soon, the tree became so big that Aunt Edna couldn't keep it any longer. She gave it to her nephew, Santa Claus. And Santa, brought the tree to Christmas Village and gave Henny the gift of speech to delight children of all ages in whimsical conversations.  Sometimes, generally on weekends, the pesky Grinch, can also be seen hanging out with his friend, Henny Hemlock.

 Holiday Bonfire

Bonfire resized.jpgBlazing brightly in the wintry night, the Overly's holiday bonfire has become the heart of Christmas Village. Here, visitors may roast marshmallows or just take in the ever-changing scene of the crackling flames in order to enjoy not only the warmth of the fire, but also to bask in the warmth of the holiday spirit with family, friends and fellow community members. 

Horse-Drawn Sleigh and Wagon Rides

Sleigh Ride resized.jpgHear the clippity-clop of the horses and the jingle of bells on a horse-drawn wagon or sleigh ride through Christmas Village.
Lowe's of Latrobe - "Whimsical Christmas" 
A wonderland of wintertime awaits all who indulge in a magical horse-drawn ride to mingle throughout Whimsical Christmas, where Santa and nutcrackers and snowmen and  Christmas joy welcome visitors

Take Home a Part of the Tradition

Take home a part of the Overly's Country Christmas® tradition and keep the spirit of the holidays alive throughout the year.

C. Edgar & Sons General Store

Gift Shop Merchandise.JPGFilled with rustic charm and more holiday gifts that you will believe, C. Edgar & Sons General Store will inspire you with holiday gift giving ideas for everyone on your shopping list. Our gift shop features holiday ornaments, decorations, handcrafted and commemorative items galore.
Some of the sights of Overly's Country Christmas® have been turned into collectible Cat's Meow™ pieces including our bonfire, C. Edgar & Sons General Store, the manger and Ditto, everyone's favorite donkey. You will want to take home part of the Overly's tradition or perhaps, the entire set!

The Tastes of an Old-Fashioned Country Christmas

You'll want to sample some of the delicious country-style eats and treats from our outdoor eateries while strolling through Christmas Village.

Sweete Shop

Sweete Shop.jpgFor those with a sweet tooth, the Sweet Shop is a must-see, must-taste stop in Christmas Village. This tiny shop is filled with homemade fudge and handmade holiday-themed candies, made especially for Overly's Country Christmas®.



Country Kitchen

Leon and Joann.jpgCountry fare is on the menu every night in the Country Kitchen, an outdoor barbecue. You'll enjoy burgers and hot dogs cooked on a fire grill. Warm up from the inside out by sipping on hot beverages including hot chocolate, cappuccino and warm apple cider, which always tastes best when you enjoy it by the bonfire.



Harry Edgar's Kettle Korn & Snacks

OVERLYS 2015-0022.jpgMade fresh, on-site daily to provide the freshest flavor around, Overly's country-style kettle korn is a favorite indulgence of our visitors year after year, satisfying the craving for both sweet and salty with every crunchy bite. 



 Lil D's

Lil D's offers a compliment of tasty treats including funnel cakes, Italian roast beef sandwiches and our own Christmas Village creation, Cheesy-Beef Fries.  All will delight the palate and guarantee that you won't leave hungry.



The Snowman Project

DSC_0529 - Rev 2.jpgA unique partnership with community supporters, the Westmoreland County Community College Technology Center American Society of Student Welders, and Overly's Country Christmas®.  This project of gigantic proportions -- provided students with a unique and unforgettable learning experience with their first snowman, 21.5' tall and weighing 1,100 pounds.  In 2015, the students completed a Snowman Family with a Mrs. Snowman and Junior, both of gigantic proportions.  They are new to our display this year, so it's a sight you'll want to see for yourself.

Light Forms

American-melted.  American-manufactured.  American-steel.  American-proud. 

MLP Steel from Scottdale, PA, has partnered with Overly's in the design and fabrication of these forms with a dozen new light forms added for the 2015 Season.   Look for these new additions as you wander throughout Christmas Village to see which ones you like the best.

Kaylor's Korner

A grand site to behold, indeed!  Kaylor's Korner has frozen in time the memories of historic Greensburg's holiday spirit.  Thanks to Charlie Kaylor, Jr., Overly's has acquired a collection of Christmas memories of his father.  After untold years of being hidden, these pieces of Westmoreland memorabilia are coming back to be prominently displays for all to once again enjoy.

Merry Christmas to All!

Family in Wreath resized.jpgFrom the Overly's Country Christmas® family to you, we wish you a happy holiday season.
Perhaps Dave Crawly sums it up best in a poem he wrote to honor Harry Overly, our founder -- "And he's telling us still, in the blink of each light, 'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!'"