Mr. Waterheater Helps Santa

Mr. Waterheater Lends a Hand to Make Santa's Dream Come True

Mr Waterheater and Santa.jpgOne summer day, far away at the North Pole, Santa looked down with delight.  He saw children playing in sandboxes, swinging on swings and climbing on play-sets, stretching their imaginations to be whatever they wanted.  Santa smiled and wondered why kids couldn't do the same thing in the winter.  "We need a Winter Fun-derland", Santa shouted with glee!

Santa visited his friend, Henny Hemlock and asked for his advice.  Henny told Santa he should go visit Mr. Waterheater because he might have a solution and was always willing to help. 

You see...many, many years ago, water heaters were packed on wooden pallets.  Mr. Waterheater saved those pallets because he thought one day he could recycle them into something useful.

That day arrived when Santa went to visit Mr. Waterheater.  Santa was more than happy to see his collection of pallets that could be turned into wooden play sets for the children.  His heart melted with the thought of creating a Winter Fun-derland and watching it come to life. 

Santa returned to the North Pole and discussed the project with the elves.  They were delighted to build something for the kids, so that they had a winter playground.  

Late one night in September, Santa loaded all the elves into his sleigh and brought them here to Christmas Village to build wooden winter play sets.  It was a delightful evening.  The sound of wood being cut, the hammering of nails and elves singing could be heard for miles. When they were finished, Santa was overjoyed by the play area; he even let the elves play for a while before heading back to the North Pole.  Then, before boarding the sleigh, Santa shook Mr. Waterheater's hand and thanked him for all the help, they together named the play area -- The Mr. Waterheater Winter "FUN"-derland.

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