The Story of Henny Hemlock

Henny Hemlock, the Talking Christmas Tree

Henny with kids resized.jpg Unbeknownst to most people, Santa Claus had a small, but very close family.  His Aunt Edna (on his mother’s side) loved Christmas as much as Santa himself. 
 Aunt Edna would be the first at the North Pole to decorate her Christmas Tree for the holiday.  Whenever anyone would visit her, they would bring an ornament or a light for her tree.  Soon, the tree became so big that Aunt Edna couldn't keep it any longer.  She gave it to her nephew, Santa Claus.
Santa, his reindeer and all of the elves moved the huge tree adorned with every kind of ornament and light one could imagine to Toyland.  One of the elves felt sorry for the cold and shivering tree so he placed an extra-large Santa hat on its top to keep it warm.   “Thank you”,  said the tree.  “My name is Henny — Henny Hemlock”.
Everyone was astonished.  The magic of the Santa hat gave the 50 year old tree the gift of gab.  “You see”, Henny explained.  “Any tree can speak at the age of 50 with a little bit of magic”.
Santa knew that this tree was something very special.  Many years later he brought the tree to Overly’s Country Christmas® for all to see and hear.
One day, Henny stopped talking.  His pine limbs drooped.  His lights dimmed and his ornaments appeared dull and tarnished.  With much prodding, Henny finally whispered:  “I am so sad.  I miss my family at the North Pole”.   A single tear fell to the ground and Henny went silent.
The folks at Overly’s pleaded with Santa for help.  Henny delighted children of all ages for many years in Christmas Village.  What would become of Overly’s Country Christmas® if Henny never spoke again? Harold resized.jpg
Santa thought for a moment and smiled . . .  a really big smile.  Later that night, he was seen sprinkling snowflakes on the ground next to Henny.
The following year, before the ceremonial lighting of the bonfire, a very small tree magically appeared beside Henny Hemlock. 
Henny was so happy.  His eyes brightened, his pine limbs straightened and his ornaments sparkled again.  Henny began to talk . . . and talk and talk.  Henny recognized his great grand-nephew, Harold, who had grown to join him and be a part of Overly’s Country Christmas®.